our people

Our commitment to our people

Our people are our greatest asset. Our success relies on our ability to attract, develop and retain the best people, at every level. We believe we have a great deal to offer to the right people.

video careers section

Watch our short film on what it is like to work at Glencore.

Our Group head of Human Resources. Gerda Schwindt answers questions (German original) on what it is like to work for Glencore and the attributes we are looking for in potential employees.

We take pride in believing our workforce to be the very best in the industry, and see continuous development and learning as vital to our success.

Working with the best

At Glencore, you will have the opportunity to work with some of the most experienced, capable and accomplished people in the industry. We encourage our people, at all levels, to develop their skills and expertise through providing exciting opportunities and experiences.

Meet our team

video peita heffenan video maria samoylova
Watch Peita, from our Australian coal business, describe her experience of working in the mining industry. Meet Maria Samoylova who works in Baar for Ferro Alloys as a member of the Logistics and Sales team. 
video danielle styger video robin scheiner
Meet Danielle Styger who works in Baar for Zinc Copper Meet Robin Scheiner who works in Baar for Aluminium
video christian schnadt video marie roth
Meet Christian Schnadt who works in Baar for Coal Meet Marie Roth who works in Baar for Legal and Compliance


Creating value for society and for your team

Our natural resources play an essential role in people’s everyday lives. The employment opportunities we provide benefit the communities in which we operate and creating enduring relationships with our stakeholders.

Our people have an ongoing commitment to look for new and innovative ways to improve our operations and the environments in which we operate. We foster an environment that encourages energy and supports initiative taking.

Culture and commitment

Our entrepreneurial spirit runs across over 50 countries in which we operate, supported by a culture that minimises red tape and bureaucracy. Our decentralised approach offers our people greater responsibility and accountability to make the right decisions for the businesses and communities in which they operate.

At Glencore, our attitude attracts visionary people. We expect a lot, but we give a lot in return. And we recognise and reward exceptional work.

Approach to engagement with Indigenous peoples

Our operating regions have been inhabited by Indigenous people for centuries. We recognise the unique role Indigenous people play in global culture and respect their customs, interests and rights. Our operations implement formal agreements or policies to manage engagement with Indigenous communities. We support the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) position statement on Indigenous people and Free, Prior and Informed consent. Read more on how we work with Australian Indigenous communities.  

Glencore’s North Queensland Indigenous Employment Program has been honoured at the prestigious Queensland Resources Council (QRC) Indigenous Awards 2016, winning the Best Company Indigenous Employment and Training category.

Our global commitment to our Values

Our values are the fundamental beliefs by which we conduct ourselves. They are the basis of our Group Code of Conduct and our sustainability management system. Our values affect how we consider our people.

We aim to provide clear, attractive career paths and safe, healthy workplaces that are free of discrimination and harassment. We rigorously enforce our policy of equal opportunity at all levels of the organisation. We uphold the International Labour Organisation Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

We do not condone any form of child, forced or bonded labour at any of our operations. We comply with local regulation with regard to age of employees we hire.

We value diversity and treat employees and contractors fairly, providing equal opportunity at all levels of the organisation without regard to race, nationality, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, political or other opinion, or any other bias.

Managing change

Whenever there are significant organisational changes, such as closures, acquisitions, mergers or divestitures, we deliver timely communications on significant organisational changes and offer appropriate support to employees affected. Minimum notice periods vary across the Group and respect national law and applicable collective agreements.

We follow due process for grievances to ensure that any serious complaints about conduct, performance or treatment are dealt with fairly.

Read more about our commitments to our people in our sustainability section.