2012 distribution information

Interim payment Final payment Total
$0.054 $0.1035 $0.1575

Final distribution timetable: 2012

The 2012 final distribution of $0.1035 per share was paid in accordance with the timetable below. 

Distribution event Date
Announcement of 2012 final distribution Thursday 16 May 2013
Final distribution Ex-Div date (UK and Hong Kong) Wednesday 22 May 2013
Last time for lodging transfers in Hong Kong 4.30pm Thursday 23 May 2013 (HK time)
Final distribution record date in Hong Kong Opening of business (HK) Friday 24 May 2013
Final distribution record date in UK Close of business (UK) Friday 24 May 2013
Deadline for return of currency election form
(Jersey shareholders)
Tuesday 28 May 2013
Applicable exchange rate reference date Friday 31 May 2013
Final distribution payment date Friday 7 June 2013

Notice of distribution: exchange rates for final distribution payment 7 June 2013

Shareholders on the Hong Kong (HK) branch register will receive their distributions in HK dollars. The pound Sterling, euro, Swiss franc or HK dollar amount payable will be determined by reference to the closing mid exchange rates applicable to the US dollar on Friday 31 May 2013, being 7 days prior to the distribution payment date.

These rates are noted below and were published in the Financial Times on Saturday 1 June 2013:

Distribution exchange rate for distribution payment of 7 June 2013

1.5161 1.2960 0.9596 7.7628