Instructions for Hong Kong Shareholders to transfer Glencore shares prior to delisting from The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (“HKEX”)

If you need further information or guidance on the below please call: (852) 2862 8646.

Shares may be transferred at any time prior to 17 January 2018

The Last Day for Transfer of Glencore shares in Hong Kong is 17 January 2018. Please note the instruction deadlines for cross-border share removal and share transfer as follows:

Instruction Type


Removal of shares from Hong Kong Register to Jersey Principal Register:

Via xSettle (please refer to B. below)

12.00 noon on 12 January 2018

In physical form presented at Computershare Counter

4.30 pm on 15 January 2018

Share Transfer / Re-registration:

Standard & Expedited/Rush Transfer presented at Computershare Counter

4.30 pm on 17 January 2018

HK Shareholders should take one of the following actions as soon as practicable:

A: Shareholders who want to hold their Glencore shares in the Computershare nominee service after delisting from The HKEX

Glencore plc has appointed Computershare Hong Kong to provide a custody and nominee service to HK shareholders after the delisting of its shares in Hong Kong. HK Shareholders who wish to hold their shares on the Jersey Principal Register, without the need to receive a share certificate or deal with the Jersey Registrar after delisting should contact Computershare HK on (852) 2862 8646 or via email at for further information.

(i) Computershare HK Nominee Service

Scope of Service

  • Shares will be held in the name of Computershare HK Nominees Ltd on the Jersey Principal Register on behalf of the holders
  • Computershare HK will provide a service to support holders which will include a counter service, a call centre for holder inquiries and the handling of corporate actions.  This will include posting AGM documents collecting proxy voting instructions
  • Computershare HK will receive any distribution on behalf of the holders from the Jersey Registrar and will arrange distribution accordingly. Holders will still be offered the option to receive distribution in HK Dollars.

What the shareholders will need to do

  • Complete a transfer form to transfer the shares from shareholders’ own name to Computershare HK Nominees’ name
  • Complete a consent form to
    • Agree to the terms and conditions of Computershare’s custody and nominee services
    • Agree to transfer their shares held by Computershare Nominees’ name to their own name directly onto the Principal Register if Glencore plc decides not to continue to offer the nominee service to its shareholders in the future. 

B: Removal of shares from Hong Kong Register to Jersey Principal Register

To remove Glencore plc shares from the Hong Kong Register to the Jersey Principal Register, shareholders have to deliver the share certificates to Computershare HK together with the removal instruction. Shareholders can submit their physical certificates and removal form to Computershare HK. If the shares are held through an intermediary in CCASS, please instruct your custodian/broker to submit removal instruction to Computershare HK via xSettle if the intermediary is an xSettle participant. xSettle is a web portal offered by Computershare to facilitate cross-border share removals between markets electronically.

Please find below procedures to remove Glencore plc shares from the Hong Kong Register to the Jersey Principal Register.

(i) For shareholders who hold physical certificates registered in their own name

  • Procedure
    • Shareholder has to complete a removal form and send this together with their physical certificates to Computershare HK for processing. Once the certificates are cancelled on the Hong Kong Register, Computershare HK will inform the Jersey Principal Registrar to issue new certificates in the shareholders’ name.
    • The new certificates will be sent depending on the instruction given on the form
      • If no delivery instruction is stated in the removal form, the certificates will be sent by post to the shareholders’ registered address at his own risk
      • If a delivery instruction is stated in the removal form, the certificates will be sent to the specified address at the shareholder’s own risk
      • If a CREST account is provided, shares will be delivered to the registered holder’s CREST account
    • Please note that shareholders who have shares registered in their own name on the Jersey Principal Register will need to handle corporate actions e.g. dividend payment, voting instruction, etc on their own.
  •  Processing time from receiving documents
    • Expedited/Rush – 2 business days            Standard – 6 business days
  • Removal Fees
    If shareholders wish to move the shares from the HK Register to the Jersey Principal Register in their own name, please present the required documents and the relevant certificates to Computershare Counter. Removal fee for a standard service will be payable by the Company. Other fees are as follows:

    Standard (with Re-registration)

    Standard (in the name of shareholder)

    Express (with 

    Express (in the name of shareholder)

    Documents to be submitted by shareholders


    Within 10 Hong Kong business days (re-registration + removal)

    Removal fee: Payable by the Company 

    Re-registration fee: HK$20 per certificate cancelled


    Within 6 Hong Kong business days (removal)

    Removal fee: Payable by the Company


    Within 3 Hong Kong business days (re-registration + removal)

    0.05% on market value (subject to a minimum of HK$5,000.00)
    Re-registration fee: HK$20.00 per certificate cancelled


    Within 2 Hong Kong business days (removal)

    0.05% on market value (subject to a minimum of HK$5,000.00)



    (1)     Form of Request of Removal of Securities (in duplicate) 

    (2)     Share certificate(s) 

    (3)     Payment of administration fee to HK Share Registrar


(ii) For shareholders who hold shares through an intermediary (e.g. custodian or broker) in the Central Clearing and Settlement System (CCASS) in HK

(a)   Removal via xSettle (i.e. Broker / Custodian is a xSettle participant)

xSettle is a web-based service provided by Computershare Hong Kong that enables CCASS participants to submit removal requests electronically. (Please note that removal of shares via xSettle does not constitute a change in beneficial ownership. Shares moved from the HK Register to the Jersey Principal Register remain the same holder name.)

  • Procedure
    • The CCASS participants send instruction, via xSettle, to Computershare HK before 12:00 noon (Hong Kong Time), with quantity of shares, receiving and delivering instruction for the holdings to be removed to the Principal Register.
    • Once the transaction is settled in CCASS, Computershare HK will arrange to withdraw the share certificates registered in the name of HKSCC Nominee Ltd (i.e. CCASS’s nominees) from CCASS for cancellation on the HK Register.
    • Computershare HK will instruct the Jersey Principal Registrar to deliver the shares electronically to CREST according to the CREST account details stated in the xSettle instruction.
  • Processing time from receiving documents
    2 business days
  • Removal Fees



    HK Processing Fee

    UK Fee






    0.0375% Market Value



    Market Value of Securities

    Up to HK$ 360,000

    HK$ 360,001 – 3,600,000

    HK$ 3,600,001 – 36,000,000

    HK$ 36,000,001 – 72,000,000

    HK$ 72,000,001 plus



    HK$ 780

    HK$ 1,800

    HK$ 5,400

    HK$ 9,000

    HK$ 12,000

    • The market price for fee calculations is based on the previous day’s closing price. 
    • Share removal fees for both HK processing fee and Jersey processing fee as well as out-of-pocket expense (e.g. CCASS withdrawal fee) will be collected from Hong Kong.

(b)   Removal via physical certificates (i.e. Broker / Custodian is not a xSettle participant)

If your shares are held with a custodian/broker who is not a xSettle participant, the custodian/broker concerned will need to withdraw the shares from CCASS. Shareholders should initiate a re-registration to transfer the shares into their own name or their UK custodian/broker’s name in order for further deposit into CREST.

  • Procedure
    • For re-registration, please refer to section C
    • For removal procedure after re-registration, please refer to section B (“Physical Certificate Removal”)
    • Shareholders can arrange share re-registration and removal at the same time before the deadline mentioned above

C: Transfer of shares in certificated form from a registered holder to another investor

Documents required:

Individual holder:

      • The duly completed and stamped instrument of transfer and the relevant share certificates

Corporate holder:

      • With more than one director:

1. Board minutes or an extract of the resolution for the appointment of authorized signatory/signatories to sign all transfers and instructions for the company; and

2. List of specimen signature(s) of the authorized signatory/signatories.

      • Is a sole director:

1. Director’s Resolution; and

2. (a) For overseas incorporated company, the original Certificate of Incumbency or a copy duly certified by a Solicitor, Notary Public, Chartered Accountant or Company Secretary is required. The Certificate of Incumbency should be issued within the last twelve months from the date of submission.

(b) For Hong Kong incorporated company, the duly certified latest Annual Return and subsequent Notice of Change of Directors (if any) is required.

Registration Fee:  HKD2.50 for each certificate cancelled or issued whichever is higher

Standard processing time:    10 business days after documents are received


Documents to be submitted to:               

Computershare Hong Kong Investor Services Limited
Shop 1712-16, 17th Floor Hopewell Centre
183 Queen’s Road East
Wan Chai
Hong Kong

Office hours:
Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 4:30 pm, excluding Saturdays and public holidays

To read the delisting announcement filed on the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd (HKEX)’s web site click here for English and Chinese.