Hong Kong delisting update

The Last Day for Transfer of Glencore shares in Hong Kong (17 January 2018) has passed and the HK Register closed on 18 January 2018 (the Effective Date). Dealings in the Shares on the HKEX have now ceased and it is therefore not possible to trade the Shares on the HKEX.

Shareholders who held their Shares on the HK register on the Effective Date will have their Shares transferred, at no cost to them, from the HK Register to the Principal Register in Jersey. New physical certificates will be sent by post, at the Shareholders’ own risk, to the registered address of the Shareholder on or around 9 February 2018.

If you need further information or guidance please call: (852) 2862 8646.

To read the delisting announcement filed on the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd (HKEX)’s web site click here for English and Chinese.