We have been working closely with communities near our operations and assisting community members with skills development, training, education, healthcare, and linking them to procurement opportunities where it is feasible.

We believe in seeking out, undertaking, and contributing to activities and programmes designed to improve people’s quality of life. Glencore aims to foster sustainable growth especially in those rural areas where inadequate service delivery negatively impacts on people. Part of this is to assist government in providing access to affordable healthcare, education, and infrastructure.

By working with our communities, we want to show all South Africans the positive ripple effects of these initiatives from an individual level all the way through to making the country a better place.

We have launched a community advertising campaign which highlights our contribution to improving the lives of South Africans through our community development initiatives and the employment we provide to locals.

Fundamental to our ad campaign is the campaign positioning: “Progress. Together. Individuals, families and whole communities.” The campaign portrays the positive ripple effect our community development efforts can have on individuals and communities. 

Here are just a few examples of how our community development efforts are changing lives.