Many of our regional offices and assets have their own websites that contain greater detail on their individual operations, and discuss topics of interest to their local stakeholders. 



Website Commodity Status
Access World mapMarker-21.png Storage
Katanga Mining Limited mapMarker-3.png Operation



Website Commodity Status
Glencore Agriculture mapMarker-15.png Glencore Agriculture
Glencore Recycling mapMarker-3.png Operation 
Koniambo mapMarker-4.png Operation 
Access world mapMarker-21.png  
Pasar mapMarker-3.png  Operation 



Website Commodity Status

Glencore in Australia


Aurukun Bauxite project mapMarker-13.png


Baal Bone mapMarker-2.png C&M
Bulga Coal mapMarker-2.png
Clermont mapMarker-2.png Operation
Collinsville mapMarker-2.png Operation 
CSA mine mapMarker-3.png Operation 
Ernest Henry mining mapMarker-3.png Operation 
Glencore Agriculture mapMarker-15.png Glencore Agriculture
Glencore Grain mapMarker-15.png  Operation 
Glencore Port operations mapMarker-3.pngmapMarker-6.png Operation 

Glencore Technology

mapMarker-19.png Operation 
Great Greta mapMarker-2.png  C&M 
Liddell Coal mapMarker-2.png  Operation 
Mangoola mapMarker-2.png  Operation 
McArthur River Mine mapMarker-6.png Operation 
Mount Isa Mines mapMarker-3.png
Mt Owen Complex mapMarker-2.png  Operation 
Murrin Murrin mapMarker-4.png Operation 
Newlands mapMarker-2.png  Operation 
Oaky Creek mapMarker-2.png  Operation 
Ravensworth operations mapMarker-2.png  Operation 
Rolleston mapMarker-2.png  Operation 
Tahmoor mapMarker-2.png  Operation 
Teralba mapMarker-2.png  C&M 
Ulan mapMarker-2.png  Operation 
United mapMarker-2.png  C&M 
Viterra mapMarker-15.png Operation 
Wandoan mapMarker-2.png  Project 
Westside mapMarker-2.png  C&M 
West Wallsend mapMarker-2.png  Operation 

North America

Website Commodity Status

Glencore in Canada

Access World  mapMarker-21.png Storage 
Affinerie CCR  mapMarker-3.png Operation
Brenda mines  mapMarker-3.png closed
CEZinc  mapMarker-6.png Operation
Fonderie Horne  mapMarker-3.png Operation 
General Smelting  mapMarker-6.png Operation 
Glencore Recycling  mapMarker-3.png Operation 
Kidd operations  mapMarker-6.png Operation 
Mine Matagami mapMarker-4.png Operation
NorFalco  mapMarker-6.png Operation 
Raglan mine  mapMarker-4.png Operation
Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations  mapMarker-4.png Storage 
Sukunka project  mapMarker-2.png Project 
Viterra  mapMarker-15.png Operation
XPS  mapMarker-19.png Operation 

South America



Website Commodity Status
Alumbrera mapMarker-3.png Operation
Cerrejón mapMarker-2.png Operation
Collahuasi mapMarker-3.png Operation
El Pachón mapMarker-3.png Project
Energía Austral mapMarker-3.png Project
Glencore Acopio mapMarker-15.png Operation
Glencore Agriculture mapMarker-15.png Glencore Agriculture
Operaciones Perú
  • Antapaccay
  • Los Quenuales
  • Perubar
  • Antamina
mapMarker-3.pngmapMarker-6.png Operations
Prodeco mapMarker-2.png Operation
Renova mapMarker-15.png Operation



Website Commodity Status
Glencore Schweiz mapMarker-2.pngmapMarker-3.pngmapMarker-6.pngmapMarker-4.pngmapMarker-13.png Office
Access World mapMarker-21.png Storage

Asturiana de Zinc

mapMarker-6.png Operations
Glencore Agriculture mapMarker-15.png Glencore Agriculture
Gabonatároló és Logisztikai Kft. mapMarker-15.png Operation
Glencore Grain Hungary Kft. mapMarker-15.png Marketing office
Glencore Magdeburg mapMarker-15.png Operation
Glencore Polska Sp. z o.o. mapMarker-15.png Marketing office
Grainman mapMarker-15.png  
Kazzinc mapMarker-6.png Operation
Lukana mapMarker-15.png Operation
Nikkelverk mapMarker-4.png Operation
Nordenhamer Zinkhütte GmbH mapMarker-6.png Operation
OAO RussNeft mapMarker-14.png Operation
Pannon Növényolajgyártó Kft. mapMarker-15.png Operation
Portovesme mapMarker-6.png Operation