Material HSEC issues existed at a number of our agricultural assets in the CIS. The existing safety culture at these assets did not meet our expectations and standards for our assets. For this reason, we initiated measures to bring about sustainable change.  

In Russia and Ukraine, we appointed safety leads to drive this cultural and behavioural change. In conjunction with the safety leads, we performed a gap analysis of existing practices and behaviour, including reporting. We are consequently taking steps to increase HSEC awareness and skills throughout the workforce, which include: 

  • Improvements to personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Improved standards for working at height, including addressing issues of aging and under‑maintained infrastructure
  • Training employees and management in identifying hazards, reporting and recording incidents, and risk management
  • Implementation of SafeAgri, the division’s agricultural business specific version of the SafeWork initiative at all CIS operations 

Before starting to work for Glencore, every seasonal worker in the division participates in a two-part safety induction programme. One part relates to general safety, including basic safety knowledge and awareness, lifesaving behaviours, emergency preparedness and use of PPE. The second is specific to each individual’s role, and includes on-the-job safety training for each task, including risks and controls. 

The agricultural products senior management team is actively involved in developing and improving the safety culture in the CIS.