During 2015, Kazzinc, our zinc asset in Kazakhstan, has undertaken a number of measures to address the workplace-related health risks facing their people. Kazzinc focused in particular on strengthening its systems for assessing and monitoring our people’s blood lead levels. It also worked on steps to prevent levels from rising, and to reduce levels if they are too high.

We worked with a local public healthcare centre to establish baselines and conduct periodic tests. Monitors track lead at our assets and our people work to a task rota that ensures minimal exposure. Individuals with higher lead levels are transferred to other duties that do not involve contact with lead, to reduce exposure.

Kazzinc has also undertaken a comprehensive review of work conditions, and introduced a number of personal protective equipment changes and upgrades to minimise the risk of musculoskeletal or respiratory diseases.

Going forward, one of Kazzinc’s top priorities is to lower its occupational disease rates, as the asset focuses on identifying and eliminating causes.