We know that our people actively interact with our local communities, meaning that they have an important role to play in building strong community relationships based on trust, transparency and responsibility.  

In 2014, Nickel completed development of a new programme for leading community development. This supports our goal to build capabilities in community engagement and development leadership. The programme includes a handbook and training delivered through presentations, peer-to-peer exchange, and the self-assessment tools that address operational challenges and promote continuous improvement. Training will start with two workshops in early 2015; it covers four main topics:  

  • Business and community foundation: fostering alignment
  • Community development planning: making it happen
  • Stakeholder engagement: building societal capital
  • Understanding the difference we make: monitoring and evaluation 

The programme builds on operational experience and insight: learning from our mistakes, and replicating good practice. The draft materials have already been reviewed by colleagues from around the Group; our aim is for continuous improvement with the exchange of good practice from across Glencore.