In 2015, Mopani acquired two advanced life support ambulances at a cost of $181,000. The two life-saving vehicles are stationed at our emergency communication and control centres (ECCC) in Mufulira and Kitwe, to ensure rapid response to emergency situations. 

The ambulances are instrumental in ensuring that all emergency victims have immediate access to advanced medical and first-aid services. They have built-in advanced life-support equipment that enables paramedics to offer critical care at incident sites before transportation to medical facilities.

In 2015, 24 employees, drawn from a broad spectrum of emergency respondents that included firemen and medical staff, underwent intensive six-week training in basic paramedic life support skills. 

The ambulances are also available to members of the public involved in road traffic incidents in the Kitwe and Mufulira districts, as part of Mopani’s community development efforts.