In May 2015, Prodeco signed up to a partnership with Colombia’s State Department for Social Prosperity (DPS), to facilitate community investment projects intended to reduce poverty in the Cesar region. These projects cover four areas:

  • Income generation
  • Basic social services
  • Social infrastructure
  • Reconciliation and peace building initiatives

The partnership gives Prodeco access to Colombia’s state network of social agencies, allowing us to have their support in this work.

It is run by a strategic committee, which meets four times per year to oversee the partnership’s progress. A separate operating committee oversees individual project progress.

Prodeco has already begun developing initiatives in this partnership, many of which have focused on social services. In one we worked with the principals of all 10 public schools in the Cesar region to develop a project for improving education quality levels. We then received a proposal from Colombia’s Ministry of Education (MEN), via the DPS partnership, offering to support the project for use as a pilot programme with potential for implementation across the entire country.

The programme’s first stage was an analysis of each school’s existing education quality levels. This was completed in December 2015 and discussed with the school principals. The next step in 2016 will be to engage an operator to implement the quality initiatives, supported by MEN, and aligned to a MEN methodology and KPIs.