Unemployment is currently running at 30% in South Africa; there is great societal expectation that our assets will tackle this problem, as well as the social issues that develop as a result of widespread unemployment. 

Our South African assets have established a multi-department approach, with human resources working with our senior operational teams to better understand local employment needs. 

As part of our approach to supporting local socio-economic development, we have established a fund to support the development of portable skills that help community members find employment or work in trades that can support them. This will help reduce dependency on our assets for employment. 

Our South African businesses are focusing on promoting adult learning; they have partnered with mineral sector peers and stakeholders to develop Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET) programmes for our local communities. ABET participants have a better chance of good work opportunities with any mine in the region and an improved standard of living. 

In Zambia, there is a short supply of people with technical skills suitable for the mining sector. Our copper asset, Mopani, built and runs a $15 million apprentice training centre to train artisans in various mining skills. 

During 2014, the Lion ferrochrome smelter undertook the second phase of its expansion project. The project has created 380 new positions, 137 of which were filled by existing Glencore workers and 243 were met externally. Of the external recruitment, 172 (over 70%) workers were from the local community. 

We worked in partnership with local communities to identify what skills training was needed for community members to allow them to participate in the recruitment process. Nearly 300 community members enrolled in the training programme. 

This training took place over a six-month period; during this time we agreed a recruitment schedule with the local community. We advertised our vacancies in 18 communities; the recruitment process prioritised those who had attended the training programme.