Antapaccay, our copper asset in Peru, runs an educational initiative that supports teachers in providing students with Regular Basic Education (EBR) as well as offering EBR to local parents. It provides educational programmes for urban and rural schools throughout the province of Espinar. It also contributes to the local economy, employing 14 people directly and procuring from over 40 local suppliers.

This is a new educational model for Peru, combining high standards and advanced education technology. Based on an initial analysis of Espinar’s education levels, including school conditions and infrastructure, and the standards of teacher training, CREE’s aims are to:

  • Improve education in Espinar in a creative and innovative manner, with the active participation of the educational community
  • Improve Espinar’s ranking in the Ministry of Education and Regional Department of Education in Cusco (DREC)’s student census evaluation (ECE) of second and final-grade primary students
  • Increase the number of students attending COAR schools at different cities in Peru
  • Train teachers at all levels and improve their academic performance
  • Develop academic, cultural, sports and artistic activities 

COAR refers to the Peruvian national educational initiative Colegios de Alto Rendimiento (High Performance Schools), created for highachieving students in the third to fifth grades to help them achieve their educational potential.

CREE runs educational programmes in four areas:

  • Academic support: most of the schools in Espinar have large gaps in education, infrastructure and implementation methodology. CREE provides academic and methodologic support through the generation and provision of educational resources, equipping laboratories and providing technology that schools currently lack. In addition, it gives extra support to second and sixth-grade primary students with the lowest ECE grades; it also provides assistance to higher performing second-grade secondary students during their COAR application process, with general academic support for all Espinar schools
  • Talent development: discovering and strengthening the artistic, intellectual and academic talents of Espinar’s youth, reinforcing their natural skills
  • Teacher training programmes: covering teaching methodologies, use of educational resources and technologies that enable teachers to strengthen their own knowledge, aptitude and abilities
  • Schools for parents: ongoing support including nutrition and psychological programmes

There is a specific programme for children with learning difficulties, whether diagnosed by CREE or other educational institutions.

In addition, a number of scholarships are given to students in secondary and tertiary education.

All programmes have ongoing support from CREE psychologists. 

CREE has facilities for communications, mathematics, IT, biology and chemistry, physics, English, arts and handicrafts, music, early learning, nutrition and nursing and psychology. It also has a playroom, 250-seater auditorium and library.

CREE runs a radio programme managed by students, a polyphonic choir and an Andean orchestra. It hosts an annual ExpoCREE; this is a presentation of Espinar’s talent, as well as demonstrations of educational projects and resources created during the year.

In 2015, 1,620 teachers and students from 23 educational institutions participated in programmes at CREE. 820 parents received nutritional information.

Espinar is now the highest ranking province in the Cusco region for students’ results in mathematics and second for reading comprehension, with the highest percentage in a satisfactory level.