Our copper operations in southern Peru are involved in a number of programmes designed to improve the skills of the community members living close to our operations. We are developing the technical and industrial capabilities of young people to improve their employment options and to promote e entrepreneurship and self-employment.

Addressing illiteracy

Since 2004, our Tintaya-Antapaccay copper mine has been involved in the Education for a New Life programme, which supports a reduction in illiteracy and builds communication and basic maths skills through topics involving food, healthcare, production, work, family and citizenship. Around 7% of the local population cannot read, of whom 75% are women.

To date, this programme has encouraged over 1,000 people to read and write, of whom 90% are women. In addition to improving literacy skills, the participants have been able to increase their income by developing minor production projects (small animal husbandry, preparation of food with local supplies, preparation of garments via textile production, growing vegetables in their household orchards, etc.).

Specialised educational resource centre

The Espinar Specialised Educational Resource Centre (CREE, in Spanish) is a modern educational centre based on a Colombian model that gives children and teenagers supplementary education to develop specific skills and abilities. The initiative helps to address the limited available resources for educational institutions of the area.

CREE opened its doors in Espinar in April 2011, offering supplementary academic programmes with cutting-edge technology, enabling students to learn in a more informative and competitive manner. Each subject or specialty has been divided into workshops, provided with state-of-the-art instruments and equipment, resulting in discovery of talented students in the scientific, artistic and sports areas.

CREE has directly benefited more than 11,000 students and 539 teachers from public and private schools in the Espinar urban area. In 2016, CREE will be fully transferred to the Ministry of Education; the Ministry is considering whether to adapt this pilot programme for provincial, regional and even national roll-out.

Yachay Watakunapaq training programme

The Yachay Watakunapaq (Learning for the Future) training programme and the T´ikariy Wiñaypaq (Flourishing Forever) extension programme target
residents of the Cotabambas province, close to our Las Bambas copper asset. The programmes develop and build local residents’ skills across a range of
technical-production specialties to increase their employment opportunities.

Courses in metal joinery, electric installations, civil construction, cooking, confectionery, business management, heavy equipment operation, driving and
agricultural and livestock breeding are provided for free.

In 2013, 325 young people underwent training; more than 2,000 have participated since the programmes began in 2007. Many graduates work for Las Bambas and its contractors and many become self-employed with their own micro-enterprises.