Glencore Ferroalloys is a member of the Ferro Alloys Producers Association (FAPA); as chair of the environmental subcommittee, it represents FAPA on the Business Unity South Africa (BUSA) forum.

BUSA is the official industry stakeholder platform for the South African government to engage with business; it is actively involved and engaged in the drafting of climate change legislation. This includes setting carbon budgets, drafting GHG emission inventory reporting regulations, and drafting carbon tax legislation.

When the government needs to engage with our specific sector, it uses the FAPA platform.

Glencore Ferroalloys submits official comments on draft legislation (including the recent draft carbon tax bill) via FAPA and BUSA.

We use these forums to ensure that our position is in line with the rest of our sector and to highlight material issues for our business and ensure they are addressed effectively.