Many of our South American projects and operations are in remote locations and the communities living nearby often lack access to educational resources and employment opportunities. We have identified this as a critical barrier to improving the quality of life for residents and have implemented several programs to build capacity in both areas.

Around our Tintaya-Antapaccay copper operations in Peru, we support community projects that provide quality education through teacher training, improved infrastructure and new computers. Over 1,175 pre-school, primary and secondary teachers have participated in training. Renovations in 165 schools now provide a comfortable and safe place to learn. Benefits have reached over 20,000 students in the Peruvian Andes region, as the program reduces absenteeism and lowers the migration of young people from rural areas to towns.

In northern Chile we are helping to improve the region's agricultural opportunities. Our Lomas Bayas copper operation partnered with the Calama Agriculture Association, Chile's National Forestry Corporation and Arturo Prat University to develop demonstration farms. These are supporting the adoption of new techniques by farmers in the Calama Oasis and reviving the region's agricultural practices. The demonstration farms also provide training to local farmers on agricultural practices such as using fertiliser, soil analysis and pest management. Loma Bayas has installed water storage ponds to aid irrigation and has replanted 32 hectares of forest to protect and conserve local water sources. UN HABITAT awarded the project the 2012 International Dubai Project for Best Practices.