We are currently developing a set of tools for group use, to which we refer as the ‘Glencore Fatal Hazard Protocols’ and ‘Life Saving Behaviours’. These are being rolled out across the group as part of SAFEWORK (see section 6.2.2.), which commenced implementation in August 2013.

The tools focus initially on the fatal risk categories we have identified as most hazardous and responsible for the majority of our fatalities:
1.Energy isolation
2.Working at height
3.Mobile equipment
4.Ground/strata failure
5.Confi ned space
6.Electrical safety

The related protocols build on the processes identified as good practice within the former Xstrata assets. These will be further developed to create a separate toolkit for each hazard, including life-saving behaviours and consequences. Tools will include virtual reality training scenarios, related public engagement materials (posters, notice boards) and videos.

The life-saving behaviours seek to strengthen our focus on behaviours and consequences, rather than a rules-based culture. This approach seeks to empower first-line supervisors to take responsibility for their areas and manage both technical safety aspects and motivate safe behaviours.