Prodeco, our coal asset in Colombia, has been building on our Group SafeWork initiative to develop a safety programme for its own operations, called Yo Trabajo Seguro (I work safely). Prodeco commissioned development of this programme in 2014, to assist with the implementation of SafeWork and tailor the initiative’s fatal hazard protocols to Prodeco’s specific needs.

Yo Trabajo Seguro uses the OHSAS 18001 health and safety management standard as a framework, with systems development and implementation priorities based on requirements from Group policies. It should be fully implemented by the end of 2016.

The programme was developed through a collaborative process involving Prodeco’s entire workforce. This participation has encouraged our people to feel ownership for the programme’s activities and to feel that they want the programme to succeed. Prodeco is developing a strong safety culture and establishing support for the programme with workers at all levels.

Strong visible safety leadership is a key part of the programme’s success. Zero tolerance on safety breaches and strict consequence management has resulted in a disciplined workforce. In common with the Group safety approach, Yo Trabajo Seguro has a strong focus on risk management.

Focusing on risk management

As with all Glencore assets, Prodeco has undertaken an analysis identifying the catastrophic and major risks to its business. These are recorded in its risk registers, along with the necessary critical risk controls. We are currently working to implement an assurance system to monitor these controls as well as the level of oversight from senior operational management. 

“Take 5 for safety”

Prodeco is training its supervisors, operators and technicians in hazard identification and seeing steady improvement. We have introduced the popular “Take 5 for safety” approach, to encourage everyone to stop and think about all the possible risks involved in each task and how to mitigate them. Workers must also use a job safety analysis to improve personal safety for each task.