We created the Rustenburg Food Bank project, in partnership with Rustenburg local government and the South African Department of Social Development, and co-funded it from 2009–2012. During this period, we contributed ZAR9 million, while the Department of Social Development supplied ZAR4 million.

We implemented an inclusive stakeholder engagement process to get buy-in from key stakeholders, including our local communities.

The food bank employed 54 local agencies to identify indigent poor and disadvantaged families in line with South African social welfare guidelines. The initial service aimed to feed 2,200 people with 800,000 meals each month, with plans to grow; Glencore funding is mainly used to buy food but a small percentage goes to project management and to pay service providers.

The project has been extended to include training for local small-scale farmers to help the community become self-sustaining in food; we also buy fresh produce from them. At the moment we are supporting 11 small farmers in this way.