Glencore’s Agricultural Products business makes a significant contribution to Australia’s agricultural industry. It runs one of the leading grain marketing, storage and logistics networks in Australia.

Strong and positive relationships with our grain growers are important to us. We engage with growers to make sure that our services continue to meet the needs and expectations of growers, and to ensure our exhaustive understanding of production from the farm level upwards.

Your Opinion Matters online portal

Growers can give us feedback at any time through an online portal called Your Opinion Matters. Feedback is automatically directed to the relevant person within the business and followed up within 48 hours.

Annual surveys

We conduct an annual review of our storage and handling operations and the services we provide to grower customers. This includes an online survey sent to all grower customers. In 2015, 280 surveys were completed: 45% of respondents stated that our delivery and operations had improved, with 92% believing it had improved or was comparable to the 2013/14 harvest. 

Strategic site committees

Our Viterra storage and handling business has a grower representative structure, to further facilitate effective consultation. This consists of strategic site committees, which provide local information and advice to inform Viterra’s storage and handling operations. We consult with the committees on grower feedback, service levels and future trends that may lead to changes in site operations, to improve customer satisfaction and service delivery during harvest.

Industry and community investment

We sponsor grower groups involved in research, development and extension, to enhance the productivity and profitability of farming enterprises. We also contribute to various community clubs, groups and events, in regional grain growing areas, to further support our relationship with growers.

Community complaints

There was a significant decrease in the number of community complaints recorded at our operations in 2015. The majority of complaints received in Australia related to our Mangoola coal asset, which has many local residents living nearby. The number of complaints about Mangoola was significantly reduced in 2015; it received 182 complaints in 2015, compared to 404 in 2014 (a 55% reduction) and 534 in 2013 (a 66% reduction). 

Across Australia, we recorded 504 complaints, compared to 729 in 2014.

Indigenous engagement

An important part of our commitment to creating shared value for our communities is our focus on practical efforts to help address issues affecting the indigenous communities close to our assets. We try to develop constructive relationships with indigenous people based on respect, meaningful engagement, trust and mutual benefit.

Some of our operating regions are remote and have been inhabited by indigenous people for centuries. We recognise the unique role they play in global culture and respect their customs, interests and rights. Our assets implement formal agreements or policies to manage their engagement with indigenous communities.

Glencore acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as first Australians and we respect their rights and interests in Australia’s lands and waters. We are committed to working in partnership with indigenous Australians to support the effective management of natural resources and to deliver improved socio-economic outcomes for indigenous communities.