Glencore Coal in South Africa has two employee wellbeing partners: Re-Action! and Life Occupational Health, who have combined their programmes to help ensure that we spread the message on healthy living throughout the division. They cross-refer employees to each other and work closely with our own wellbeing committees and the coal HR team.

The organisations offer complementary services: Re-Action! conducts health risks assessments and delivers HIV counselling and testing (HCT), while Life provides a range of psycho-social assessments and counselling.

In the 2015 HIV/AIDS testing campaign, about 67% of employees participated in HCT testing and 71% are enrolled in treatment and care to date. This significant take-up is partly thanks to the department’s wellbeing champions, who talk to their colleagues about the benefits of getting tested and knowing your HIV status.

Life completes the cycle by offering our people and their dependents support that ranges from primary healthcare to counselling. This includes psycho-social counselling, financial advice, legal advice and an online wellness portal with information, articles and self-assessments. The partnership with Re-Action! makes the referral process easy; following HIV screening, any participant who is affected emotionally by the results can receive counselling. This help is extended not only to the employee affected, but also any dependent family.

Another example is Glencore Coal’s chronic illness management system; this is part of our healthy lifestyle programme, monitored by Life. Each employee visits our occupational health centre if they have been identified with a chronic illness, such as diabetes or hypertension.