Since 2004, the former Glencore Zambian copper operation Mopani has implemented an HIV/AIDS policy that encompasses its workers and the wider community. About 45,000 people have been counselled and tested so far, under the voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) programme. Team members, who include peer educators, psychosocial counsellors/supervisors, treatment adherence counsellors and palliative care givers, have been trained in workplaces and in the wider community to roll out our HIV intervention strategies. These strategies have been very effective and helped to increase the number of people accessing VCT services.

Another component that has proved highly successful is the prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT) programme. This has recorded a significant increase in mothers accessing PMTCT during their antenatal care and drastically reduced the number of HIV-positive babies being born from HIV-positive mothers. In 2012 this was just 2 at Mopani’s supported hospitals, down from 13 in 2007.