Over the past few years, Glencore has worked with local government, community organisations and First Nations to increase the local Atlantic salmon population in north-eastern New Brunswick. We have supported projects to maintain and increase native salmon populations in the Jacquet river, the Nepisiguit and the Miramichi. 

One example is our partnership with the Belledune Regional Environmental Association, the New Brunswick Ministry of Natural Resources and the village of Belledune. This project helps to increase the salmon population by ensuring that more fish complete their journeys to their spawning ground. 

A barrier in the river traps the salmon, and larger fish are transported to a deep water pool, while smaller ones are transported further up the river. The larger fish are released later on, to complete their journey. In addition, the project raises as many as 3000 fry and adds them to the river. Dedicated local workers ensure the salmons’ safe transportation, collect data on the fish numbers, sizes and movement patterns and guard against poachers. 

In 2001, the project built a visitor centre at the site, allowing people to learn more about salmon and its lifecycle. We estimate that the native salmon population has seen a twenty-fold increase since the project was established in 1994.