Glencore has had a presence in Equatorial Guinea since 2004 through a joint venture with Noble Energy Inc. We support the government’s programme to encourage oil companies to invest in the country’s social and economic development and work with the Ministry of Mines, Industry and Energy to actively identify projects that assist socio-economic development.

In late 2012, the government approached Glencore to request support in the redevelopment of a primary school. The Colegio Nacional Jorge Tobileri Mpote is the only school close to Moka and its surrounding villages, on the island of Bioko. The elementary school caters for children aged from 6 to 14, with a nursery school covering two- to five-year-olds. The school buildings have recently deteriorated significantly, mainly as a result of frequent storms and heavy rainfall during the rainy season.

The project covers refurbishment of existing classrooms and accommodation for the School Director, as well as a new classroom block, teachers’ accommodation and washroom facilities. Work commenced in January 2013 with the school's proximity to our offices allowing our employees and representatives to take part in rebuilding activities.

The redeveloped and fully equipped schools will deliver lasting benefits, increasing teaching capacity from 90 to 200, and allowing all village children to receive primary education locally. The School Director and 3 teachers can all live within the school grounds, and replacement of old wooden shutters with glass windows will allow the school to operate during the rainy season.

The School Director said, "The Moka community, its teachers and school children highly appreciate the value of this great contribution received from Glencore…this is the most important milestone in the history of this school."