In 2015, Mopani completed the construction and equipping of an advanced emergency communication and control centre (ECCC) at its Nkana mine in Kitwe, at a cost of $653,000.

This was to improve the coordinated response to emergency situations at its operations, following the successful pilot of a satellite call centre at Mufulira in 2014.

Located at Mopani’s corporate offices, the Nkana ECCC is our main emergency call centre. It holds up-to-date equipment such as an online intelligence system, which analyses all data received and expedites responses. The ECCC also houses various categories of life support mechanisms for surface and underground staff, to enable a prompt 24-hour response and provide critical care to accident victims within the “Golden Hour” (the period following a traumatic injury in which prompt medical treatment will most likely prevent death). A full team of mine rescue, medical and trauma, firefighters and hazmat responders is always on hand.

Apart from ensuring effective centralised emergency event control, deployment and management, the ECCC will also help successful post-emergency investigations and reviews.