In remote and developing regions we will often support local communities by investing in infrastructure for their sole use, as well as healthcare and education. 

In 2015 Mutanda contributed $680,000 to infrastructure for the sole use of its host communities.

This comprised $220,000 spent drilling five wells, and $460,000 on construction at two schools. The first was a new elementary school in Kisenda; previously local children at that level had to travel to Lualaba. The second was an extension for a school in Kando, creating a secondary school block; previously local children had to travel to Kolwezi.

Mutanda’s direct beneficiaries in 2015 numbered: 689 (education and the new schools); around 20,000 (local wells); and 37,000 children (vaccination campaigns in the Lualaba health zone). 

In the same year, Katanga contributed $1.6 million towards the Lualaba bridge as well as investing an additional $400,000 in two wells for the sole use of communities in Luilu. Their direct beneficiaries numbered: 2,231 (community development); 25,000 (malaria spraying); 3,166 (education initiatives); 50,000 (Luilu water supply), with communities also indirectly benefiting from a campaign to clean up local roads and drains in Kolwezi.