Each mining asset maintains a closure plan to ensure a responsible exit after operations cease. We also require assets to actively engage with their workers on many topics, including significant organisational changes such as closures or divestitures. In these circumstances we expect assets to consult and communicate with our people and provide support if possible.

Alumbrera, our copper asset in Argentina, announced a new life-of-mine plan to its employees at the end of 2015. We are communicating this plan to all employees through the union safety committee.

The new plan includes revised specifications for certain environmental features, which include defining the final thickness of cover for our waste dumps and tailings dam. The final determination will be the result of 12 years of research, as well as lab and field-scale trials. We have also undertaken revegetation studies to gather data.

We are currently completing detailed engineering systems for installing the covers. This includes the working methods, schedule and equipment required, as well as a mining plan that includes appropriate cover material.

By July, we plan to have the first advanced engineering plans ready, for both the final profile of the tailings dam surface, and the dam design itself, including diversion channels and the final spillway.

We will distribute these documents to our stakeholders and the relevant regulators, as well as to YMAD, our partner in the Alumbrera joint venture.