To achieve our goal of zero harm and keep our people healthy and productive, we focus on the effective management of occupational health risks. Our management teams set and maintain high occupational health standards, and strive for continual improvement. We encourage our people to have healthy lifestyles and participate in our wellbeing programmes.

Health focus

Prodeco continuously identifies, evaluates and controls factors that might affect our peoples’ health in our workplaces. We conduct internal audits on our occupational health management systems at regular intervals.

Employee participation

We encourage all our people to participate in the identification of health hazards, risk assessments and setting appropriate controls. We carry out an employee consultation on any operational change that may have occupational health implications; our employees are represented on occupational health matters.

Health education

We conduct continuous education on occupational health topics, with a particular focus on the factors that are most relevant to each individual’s role. We teach our people how to safeguard their own health and encouraged them to think about their colleagues as well. Education emphasises the importance of the correct use of personal protection equipment (PPE), including hand, head, respiratory, hearing and eye protection.

We also train employees on the prevention of musculoskeletal diseases; this training includes muscle strengthening, the need for correct work postures and the importance of stretching. 

We encourage our people to exercise and stretch during mid-shift breaks, to assist in preventing muscle spasticity and to normalise blood flow.

We also provide training on healthy lifestyles to encourage physical activity, a balanced diet and the prevention of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and hypertension. To prevent fatigue-related illness, training also includes sleep hygiene, family life, abstinence from psychoactive substances, including alcohol, and the health risks of smoking.

Health checks

We have also introduced a voluntary programme of health assessments, which include tests of BMI, cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure and fatigue, for employees. Many of our people have taken part in these assessments and are receiving treatment where necessary. The health checks are becoming increasingly popular as the participants encourage their colleagues and friends to take part and become more health aware.