PLACME is a cornerstone project run by Antapaccay, our copper asset in Peru, to support local milk producers. The dairy, established as a non-profit project, offers Espinar dairy producers a fair market for milk from cows and alpaca. It collects 16,300 litres of milk each day, via six collection routes, from dairy farming communities across Espinar.

PLACME is recognised by local, regional and national markets as producing high quality dairy products, including Andean mature cheese, Edam cheese, mozzarella, yoghurts, butter, milk and blancmange. It is currently considered to be one of the best milk product producers in South Peru, with products entered for many events, including Expoalimentaria, Mistura, Congreso Nacional de Quesos Madurados (National Congress of Matured Cheese) and Expovinos.

In addition to complying with relevant national procedures and regulations, PLACME is the only company in the Cusco region with a Hazard Analysis Control Certification Point (HACCP).

The project’s aim is to develop dairy farming as a sustainable activity with a secure market. It has generated employment, economic income and business development for the province. The goal is to expand production and product range, and become a self-sustaining business. PLACME is already contributing to the sustainable development of Espinar’s cattle breeders in a number of ways:

  • Establishing a self-sustaining not-for-profit dairy processing plant
  • Giving local cattle breeders the best market price
  • Collecting milk directly from farms, 365 days of the year
  • Serving as a link between cattle breeders and the dairy market
  • Positioning Espinar as a regional and national level milk producer
  • Producing dairy products of excellent quality

In addition, PLACME also runs technical training programmes, which include courses on: improving breeding and productivity practices, including Good Milking Practices (BPO); milk hygiene and quality; correct use of milking machines; antibiotic management; and the optimum use of cattle feed.

It also runs the more extensive Cattle Breeder School programme: five days of theoretical and practical training at Gloria stable in Vítor-Arequipa.

PLACME also offers producers onsite technical assistance, to identify factors that may affect milk productivity or quality.

As of 2015, over 500 families from across Espinar have benefited, with over 400 breeders receiving training. The quality of breeding practices and milk produced in the province has increased steadily, along with production levels. In one example, the Huisa Ccollana community’s average production level per cow has increased from 4 litres/day to 12 litres/day.