In 2015, Peru’s Environmental Assessment and Enforcement Agency (OEFA), part of the government’s Ministry of the Environment, held its first awards for good environmental practice. The awards recognise and incentivise excellent environmental practices by corporations. They particularly focus on activities that reduce environmental impact and improve sustainable use of natural resources in ways that go beyond Peru’s legislation for businesses.

This year, OEFA recognised nine companies from different market sectors; Antapaccay was one of only two from the mining sector.

OEFA recognised Antapaccay for two of its recent environmental programmes. The first involved a range of energy efficiency measures, intended to reduce Antapaccay’s carbon footprint. Measures included swapping out conventional lighting for energy efficient alternatives, fitting LED lighting and installing motion sensors for lighting. These measures have also helped to reduce Antapaccay’s operating costs.  

The second initiative recognised was a tree planting programme, originally established to offset Antapaccay’s carbon footprint. The programme included a feasibility study, a forestry management plan completed under the guidance of internal specialists, employing local people to cultivate fruit trees, vegetables, and ornamental and exotic plants in suitable areas, and studies on carbon capture and the survival of forest tree species. In addition, there was the creation of the Sacha Wasi greenhouse nursery. This now cultivates 100,000 plants each year, that are planted on Antapaccay and local community land, including school grounds.