In 2014, we continued the resettlement of three communities near our Calenturitas coal mine in Colombia. Working with two other local mines and external experts, it became clear that we needed three different planning processes, to address the concerns of each settlement. We recognised that it was also essential for the affected communities to fully participate in the planning process, to ensure it suited their needs. 

Throughout the process, we followed IFC’s Performance Standard 5 to support a fully participative and equitable approach. This has included a comprehensive census, socio-economic surveys and asset inventories. These were completed in consultation and collaboration with the community, which expressed its satisfaction with the process. Throughout, we have continued to provide the communities with food and materials, as well as training in agricultural skills to enable them to support themselves following resettlement. This training was delivered in response to the request from the community, and in line with its intent to pursue agricultural opportunities.  

Plan Bonito

This community was first to engage in the resettlement process, due to its proximity to our operations. In line with the community’s wishes, we worked with the two other mines to arrange resettlement on an individual basis. We completed the action plan in 2014 and arranged replacement homes and cash compensation. During the consultation period, we provided food and materials to support the community, and delivered training and health programmes.

The families of Plan Bonito now enjoy better living conditions, in properties that are registered in their names, and are closer to public services and commercial facilities. We have also ensured that everyone now has access to public health facilities. The community has declared itself satisfied with the process; in line with the IFC standard, we will continue to monitor the resettlement results. 

El Hatillo and Boquerón

During 2014, we progressed consultation with the communities of El Hatillo and Boquerón. At El Hatillo, consultation on the resettlement action plan is under way, with extensive consultations through monthly meetings and ongoing formal and informal dialogue. At the community’s request, we have developed a transition plan to provide support during this transitional phase, including food, health and social programmes, developed in collaboration with the community. 

At Boquerón, we have reached agreement to proceed with the core components of resettlement planning, namely the census, socio-economic survey and asset inventory. Work on these will start in 2015.