Our Lomas Bayas copper operation in Chile is located in a water scarce area. We have been actively engaging with the local community on water use for a number of years.

Senior management representatives regularly meet with local stakeholders that include representatives of the communities and farmers living and operating in the river catchment area.

Lomas Bayas has implemented a three-phase roundtable approach to engaging with its stakeholders. The first phase involves the participation of local stakeholders in identifying the risks and opportunities relating to the operation's current activities. In the second phase, participants help to co-design solutions for the risks and opportunities that have been identified. During the final phase, roundtable stakeholders consider whether risks have been successfully mitigated and evaluate the effectiveness of the initiatives implemented. The process is facilitated and evaluated by an independent third party, selected by roundtable participants to ensure transparency.

This approach allows Lomas Bayas to identify and respond to the needs and concerns of its stakeholders as well as keep them informed of initiatives implemented by the site to improve water efficiency, access to water and water security. Following an evaluation of the roundtable process in 2010, individual meetings are now also held with each stakeholder group to allow the discussions to focus on their particular interests and priorities.