Our FSU assets maintained a strong focus on their safety culture in 2015, which will continue. We began to roll out the SafeAgri programme, based on the Group SafeWork initiative; work began in March with safety leadership sessions in Russia and Ukraine. All FSU asset leaders, country managers and senior HSEC management were present.

SafeAgri programme, based on the Group SafeWork initiative

To deal with the large number of assets in the FSU, we identified a team of 15 additional local SafeAgri trainers. Each trainer was responsible for training supervisors and employees and initiating the SafeAgri rollout for a specific a group of FSU assets.

We carried out an issue-based risk assessment, which determined many action plans for improvements, which we implemented accordingly. Agriculture’s HSEC team increased the number of announced and unannounced site visits at FSU assets during 2015 (over 10 visits). Each visit focused on safety interventions and coaching site managers in leadership and the SafeAgri programme. To track the implementation of SafeAgri, monthly progress reports were discussed.