In 2015 Mopani continued rolling out the SafeWork initiative; this was first introduced to our employees and local communities in 2014, under the banner of SafeMining. We disseminate SafeMining messages through internal memos, emails, notices, monthly newsletters, our intranet, management briefs and roadshows,
at the workplace and in the community.

SafeMining was introduced after we determined that a significant proportion of incidents leading to injury or loss of life could be avoided if all our people take responsibility for making safety a way of life in their own operational areas. In this way, the initiative seeks to eliminate the potential for catastrophic incidents, fatalities and injuries and prevent occupational diseases.

Our long-term objective is to eliminate fatalities and occupational diseases, and achieve a lost time injury frequency rate (LTIFR) of less than 0.5.

At the end of 2015, we had reached 2,357 workplace supervisors and 105 managers with various safety messages concerning SafeMining’s 12 fatal hazard protocols and nine associated lifesaving behaviours. We also carried out training in a range of first aid and rescue skills for both employees and contractors. 1,916 employees and contractors were awarded competence certificates in first aid this year.