Over 7,000 employees and contractors work at Glencore Nickel. In 2013, this division experienced zero fatalities and finished the year with a TRIFR of 5.65: almost 15% lower than 2012. Improved safety performance at 2 Canadian operations was central to this result.

Sudbury INO in Ontario achieved a new record this year:

5 million hours worked without an LTI. It also reduced its TRIFR by almost 60%. During the same period, the Raglan Mine in northern Quebec decreased its TRIFR by over 40%.

The key factors that contributed to the improved safety performance were:

  • Establishing health and safety as a core value and embedding a safety culture at all levels of the organisation 
  • Instituting behavioural-based safety systems, which require time and patience to produce measurable results 
  • Instituting management systems and processes to track negative trends, conduct root cause analysis, and identify and remove hazards before they cause an injury