KCC, our copper asset in the DRC, has been reducing its waste and implementing better waste management systems while supporting the development of local enterprise.

The packing wood and boxes used for KCC’s site deliveries are being transformed into chairs, tables and windows. We commission items to be manufactured and used at our operations and donate furniture and other items, such as beehives, to local community facilities, which include schools and health centres.

When we receive goods on site, the workers taking delivery select any packing wood that might be reusable and separate it from our domestic waste. Once a useful quantity of wood has been collected, it is passed on to our community team, who check its quality, and whether it has been treated with any harmful chemicals, with the help of our environmental specialists.

If it is safe to use and of suitable quality, we take it to one of two local carpentry businesses and commission the items required by our operations or needed by our community team. This can include doors, window frames, tables and chairs for community projects and shelving for use by our operations. We pay the full local market rate for manufacture, supporting these small local businesses financially as well as donating materials.