In 2014, Glencore Australia was a major sponsor of the SkillsDMC annual national conference. SkillsDMC is Australia’s national industry skills council, covering the resources and infrastructure sectors. We hosted an African delegation during the event, who spoke highly of their experience with Glencore and noted it as the highlight of their week in Australia.

We received a number of awards for training this year, including:

  • The 2014 SkillsDMC Chair’s Award, in recognition of our ongoing commitment to excellence in training both new and current coal mining workers
  • The 2014 SkillsDMC Chair’s Individual Award: this recognised our employee Paul Gill for his work in youth training, including vocational education and training in schools

We are implementing a system of standardised work permits and contractor work authorisation processes across our Australian coal assets. Introducing standardised permits allows consistent management of the risks associated with inherently higher-risk activities such as working at height, confined space entry and trenching & excavation. This system also ensures that our assets adhere to the minimum requirements of the Group’s SafeWork Fatal Hazard Protocols, industry codes of practice, the relevant national and international standards and any n state legislation.

The new work authorisation process is tailored to manage the day-to-day activities of onsite contractors; it clearly defines the roles and responsibilities for ensuring work is undertaken safely and managing risks to acceptable levels.

This year, our New South Wales assets participated in a workplace health and safety culture programme, which helped them to assess their health and safety culture and implement continuous improvement. This programme allows our assets to compare their progress against each other and similar assets elsewhere in the mining industry, while supporting the development of a strategic plan to improve our overall health and safety culture.

Our Queensland assets also started the programme; they will complete the process in early 2015.