Our copper assets in the DRC use private security contractors to protect their operations and their people. They also collaborate with the Mine Police, a section of the Congolese National Police with the specific mandate to secure mine sites. In addition, military forces ensure the safe transportation and storage of explosives,
in accordance with national regulations.

As part of our implementation of the Voluntary Principles at these assets, we have started training in human rights and the Voluntary Principles. Private security contractors receive human rights training every year.

In 2015 we trained 1,111 contractors and 258 employees.

Our security departments conduct awareness sessions for the Mine Police, which cover our standards and expectations on human rights and the use of force. In 2015, 125 mine police officers attended these sessions.

In 2015, our assets also signed memoranda of understanding with the Mine Police. These address our expectations with regard to international standards on human rights as well as the Voluntary Principles. The memoranda also cover rules of engagement, our requirement for personnel background checks, and mechanisms for
reporting and acting on concerns and potential breaches.

Our assets have developed systems to implement the memoranda, which include transparent compensation mechanisms.

We have a range of mechanisms to let local stakeholders communicate concerns; our assets publicise these mechanisms via local radio, in posters, and community meetings. Security managers participate in community meetings to discuss any concerns with security management. All complaints are recorded by our Community Liaison officers, with a tribal chief or other nominated community leader present. Complaints are reported to senior operational management and investigated; complainants are informed of any action taken.

The recent division of provinces in the DRC has delayed our operation’s participation in external forums this year. Katanga and Mutanda currently participate in regular meetings organised by the new provincial authorities on security, communities and artisanal mining.