Glencore is a significant producer of energy products and also a significant consumer of energy. Energy is a key input and cost to our business and a material source of carbon emissions.

Our business has a standardised approach to capturing data and reporting on emissions; we openly and transparently disclose our carbon and energy footprint. Our emissions profile varies across our different business units, reflecting the diversity of our business.

We participate in the CDP and report on our CO2 emissions in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. We have other mandatory reporting obligations in many of the jurisdictions where we operate.

Our business continues to undertake activities related to the monitoring, measuring and managing of our energy and emissions footprint. We take energy and carbon regulation into consideration as part of our business planning and investment decision processes. Our business proactively works to understand and manage our footprint, and continues to invest in solutions to use energy more efficiently and reduce emissions from the production and end use of our products.

We use renewable energy sources whenever feasible. In 2016 19% of the energy used by Glencore came from renewable energy sources. This includes renewable energy generated by Glencore facilities and renewable electricity procured from local or regional grid suppliers.