Assets update their environmental management plans at each stage of their lifecycles, and incorporate them into overall risk registers and management plans.

Rehabilitation and closure

Working from Glencore’s HSEC management framework, we require our industrial assets to implement environmental management systems that include standard elements such as:

  • An environmental policy
  • Planning, implementation and operation
  • Measurement, recording and evaluation
  • Review and corrective actions and continuous improvement

39% of our industrial metals & mineral assets have externally verified environmental management systems.

As our business encompasses a wide range of operational activities across different geographical locations, it would be difficult to establish blanket Group environmental targets appropriate for every operation, site and project. Instead, we require performance management at a local level.


In contracts with suppliers and contractors we seek to include minimum requirements for environmental management. We participate in supply chains where we do not have operational control, including the third parties who ship and store our products. We engage with these customers, suppliers and service providers to limit environmental impacts throughout the chains.

In joint ventures where Glencore does not have operational control, we seek to influence our partners to adopt policies and procedures similar to ours wherever possible. We may choose to terminate contracts with partners who do not fulfil this expectation.

Environmental incidents

We use, transport and store large quantities of hazardous and non-hazardous materials. In addition, operational failures at some facilities could result in incidents with the potential to cause significant harm to the environment or surrounding communities, as well as damage our reputation.

We are committed to eliminating material environmental incidents, and incurring no fines, penalties or prosecutions. We have a five-level incident classification scheme, from catastrophic (category 5), through major, moderate and minor, to negligible (category 1). We also report and record high potential risk incidents (HPRIs): events that could have resulted in a serious environmental incident. The Board HSEC Committee reviews any category 4 or 5 incident with the relevant senior management teams and shares any learnings across the Group.