Equal opportunities

We hire, promote, reward and develop our people according to their ability and success. Our remuneration policies are generally tied to experience, ability and performance, with rewards for self-improvement and ambition. We review our pay and incentive practices regularly.

Our assets generally offer pay levels above the local minimum wage for their locations. We also ensure that working hours are not excessive by monitoring rosters, shifts and other recording procedures, in compliance with local legislation and agreements with unions or works councils.

We offer regular assessments of skill levels and competence, with the aim of spotting good performance, talent and potential and offering suitable reward, development and support.


We believe that diversity is essential to our business and prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, nationality, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, ancestry, social origin, political or other opinion, or any other bias. We do not tolerate any form of racial, sexual or workplace harassment. Our position is included in all training materials for new and current employees, and reinforced regularly in management training.

We aim to employ workforces that reflect the demographics of the communities in which we operate.

We do not allow child labour to take place anywhere within the Group and none of our employees aged under 18 are allowed to carry out hazardous work.

We have formal, transparent mechanisms for reporting labour grievances and for whistleblowing; these reflect local conditions, such as internet availability and languages spoken, to ensure ease of use. They are communicated to all workers through dedicated training and visual material, such as posters, available widely throughout work sites.

Career development

Our decentralised approach allows individuals to take significant responsibility. Our people are accountable for their contributions to our businesses around the world, including the creation of long-term relationships with our stakeholders.

Appropriate succession planning and retention strategies must reflect the local working environment; for this reason we encourage our assets and departments to develop their own strategies. 

Labour relations

We recognise and uphold the rights of our workforce to a safe workplace, collective representation and freedom of association. We are committed to working honestly and openly with labour unions at all our locations and treating employees with respect.

As trade unions play different roles at our assets depending on geographical region and industrial sector, our assets engage with the unions active at their sites in different ways and at different levels.