Reviewed each year by our HSEC committee, Group sustainability team and the teams from each of the commodity departments, our sustainability strategy is organised into four pillars: 

SD issues icons 1 Health


SD issues icons 1 Safety


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Community & human rights

Become a leader in the protection and improvement of our people’s and communities’ wellbeing.

Become a leader in workplace safety, eliminating fatalities and injuries.

Minimise any negative environmental impact from our operations and apply the precautionary principle in decision-making.

Foster sustainable growth and respect human rights wherever we operate.


Our strategy has clearly defined imperatives, objectives, priority areas and targets. It enables us to meet legislative requirements, manage the catastrophic hazards associated with our business, and maintain our societal licence to operate. Departments and assets have aligned their annual HSEC plans to the strategy. 

Pyramid block



Code of Conduct

Group HSEC policies

Detail our management processes and procedures

Health and safety
Emergency response and crisis management
Catastrophic and fatal hazards management
Environmental management
Communities and stakeholder engagement
Human rights
Product stewardship
HSEC assurance
HSEC management framework
Risk management framework

Operational policies

Group HSEC policies are implemented and adapted locally

Performance and alignment

Data reporting, risk management and assurance by HSEC teams at group, division and asset level tracks our performance and alignment with policies

There are three further areas of activity that cut across all four main pillars. These are:

SD issues icons 1 Our people

Our people

SD issues icons 1 Governance


SD issues icons 1 Product stewardship

Product stewardship

We will review this strategy each year to ensure that it continues to fulfil the needs of our business.