Our Group HSEC assurance programme focuses on the effective management of catastrophic hazards and associated risks. Assurance activities were completed at various assets, covering different catastrophic topics at each, as agreed by the Board HSEC Committee.

A new annual plan is approved by our Board each year; those responsible for the assurance activities report back regularly on performance, including key findings, observations and good practices.

Assessment formats

A typical assessment is undertaken by two subject matter experts, predominantly from within the business but not from the asset under assessment. In some cases we engage external experts. The experts work against clearly defined and agreed criteria, informed by international standards and leading practice. They make recommendations; we track agreed actions on a quarterly basis. 

Group level and department level assurance

Our dedicated Group HSEC audit team assesses how we address catastrophic hazards. We consider how each catastrophic hazard affects different types of operation and assets across the Group, to understand our exposure to each hazard, and to focus on priority assets or activities.