Our sustainability framework

Our sustainability framework consists of three tiers: our values, our Code of Conduct and our Group HSEC policies. Our statement of values and our Code of Conduct represent our commitment to upholding good business practices, while our Group policies detail our management processes and procedures.

This framework is supported at asset level by operational policies, created for the specific needs of individual assets, with compliance determined by performance monitoring and assurance.

Pyramid block



Code of Conduct

Group HSEC policies

Detail our management processes and procedures

Health and safety
Emergency response and crisis management
Catastrophic and fatal hazards management
Environmental management
Communities and stakeholder engagement
Human rights
Product stewardship
HSEC assurance
HSEC management framework
Risk management framework

Operational policies

Group HSEC policies are implemented and adapted locally

Performance and alignment

Data reporting, risk management and assurance by HSEC teams at group, division and asset level tracks our performance and alignment with policies

Our values & Code of Conduct

Our values reflect our purpose, our priorities and the fundamental beliefs by which we conduct ourselves. They define what it means to work at Glencore, regardless of location or role.

The essential requirements derived from these values are defined in our Code of Conduct, which sets out the standards we require our people to meet and fully understand. Departments and assets decide the best way to convey the Code locally, including specialised training.

Our corporate policies

Our Group HSEC policies detail our management processes and procedures, which are integrated into corporate decision-making processes. These include our HSEC Management Framework, Risk Management Framework and HSEC Assurance Policy, as well as specific policies for each material HSEC topic.

These Group policies are harmonised with the ICMM principles. 

Applying the framework

Our senior management team has oversight and ultimate responsibility for our Group HSEC strategy, the GCP framework and its implementation across the Group. 

Board HSEC Committee

Glencore’s Board HSEC Committee meets during each Board meeting to review progress and reports, and any significant HSEC issues or risks. In the event of a fatality or major incident, it receives detailed reports on the nature of the incident, actions taken and subsequent investigations. 

Sustainability teams: guidance, implementation and assurance

Our Group-level and departmental sustainability teams provide guidance and thought leadership. The Group team develops policies and programmes, and oversees implementation of, as well as delivering HSEC assurance. It also reviews the sustainability aspects of our Code of Conduct and provides regular updates to the HSEC Committee.

The Group and departmental teams focus on catastrophic and fatal hazard management, identify relevant HSEC trends, analyse stakeholder perceptions and their understanding of Glencore, and record and report progress against KPIs.

Our larger assets have individual sustainability teams; along with departmental teams, they are responsible for implementing Group policies at their operations and ensuring that we achieve our sustainability goals. They manage the sustainability risks specific to their commodities or regions, and deliver department-level HSEC assurance.