Focus areas

Every two years, we define the areas of sustainability that matter most to our business and the local communities. These are our focus areas, also known as our “material topics”.

Catastrophic hazard management

By recognising and mitigating the risk of a disastrous event, we can better protect our people, communities and the environment.

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Workplace safety and health

We aim to become a safety leader in our industry, and work to improve the health of our employees.

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Climate change

We recognise global climate change science, as laid out by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Find out how we are responding to the shift to a lower-carbon economy.

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Water and effluents

Water is a shared and finite resource. We aim to preserve water sources, protect the waterways we use and support access to high-quality water.

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Waste and air emissions

We seek to minimise the impact of our waste and air emissions on the environment and on our host communities.

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Human rights and raising grievances

We uphold the human rights of our people and our local communities –
working in line with global standards.

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Community engagement and commitments

We aim to deal openly, transparently and inclusively with our host communities, listening to and engaging with anyone impacted by our operations.

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Product stewardship

We work to provide safe and quality-assured products that meet regulatory requirements and industry standards, across the whole supply chain.

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