Raising concerns

提出疑慮 / Signaler un manquement / Bedenken äussern / Comunicação de suspeitas / Решение проблемных вопросов / Cómo plantear inquietudes

Everybody working for Glencore must raise promptly any situations in which the Glencore Code of Conduct, its underlying policies or the law appear to be breached with a supervisor or manager. Alternatively, concerns can be raised with the appropriate manager in human resources, legal, corporate affairs, sustainability or senior management, or with the local compliance contact, whose details are available in the Compliance section of the Group intranet or on notice boards.

Where a concern remains unresolved through local channels, it can be referred by email or by using the form below. The form allows you to raise concerns on an anonymous basis. 



All queries raised via the Raising Concerns program are reviewed and assessed promptly. The confidentiality of those involved will be respected. Your identity will only be shared where it is necessary to do so in order to address the concern or is required by law. If you raise an issue you must do so in good faith. Abuse of these channels is not acceptable.