Our Leadership

Our Board is responsible for: financial performance; strategic direction; major acquisitions and disposals; overall risk management; capital expenditure and operational budgeting; business planning.

The Board comprises eight directors, including seven non-executive directors, a majority of whom are independent non-executive directors. Each of our Board committees includes at least two non-executive directors.

Audit Committee


Leonhard Fischer, Martin Gilbert, Gill Marcus

This committee meets at least three times a year and has responsibility for monitoring the integrity of our financial statements. It also oversees our risk management policies and has responsibility for reviewing the effectiveness of our system of internal controls. It oversees our relationship with external auditors and reviews the effectiveness of their processes. It also reviews our internal audit function.

Audit committee terms of reference

Remuneration Committee


John MackMartin GilbertLeonhard Fischer

This committee usually meets at least twice a year; it makes recommendations to the Board on executive director and chairman compensation, as well as exercising an oversight role in relation to other areas of executive remuneration.

Remuneration Committee Terms of Reference

Nominations Committee


Anthony HaywardLeonhard Fischer, John Mack,  Gill Marcus

This committee usually meets at least twice a year and has responsibility for recommending appointments of additional or replacement members to the Board, and advising when it is time for current members to retire. It also advises on the appropriate composition of the Board, including retention of current Directors.

Nominations Committee Terms of Reference

Health and Safety, Environmental and Communities (HSEC) Committee


Peter Coates AO, Ivan Glasenberg, Anthony Hayward, Patrice Merrin

The only committee on which an Executive Director (our CEO) sits. It is responsible for formulating and recommending to the Board our policy on health and safety, environment, security and local community issues as they affect our operations.

HSEC Committee Terms of Reference

Glencore’s management is led by Ivan Glasenberg, supported by our Chief Financial Officer Steven Kalmin and the rest of the management team.


Metals & Minerals


Marketing Telis Mistakidis Industrial Mike Ciricillo

Zinc and lead

Marketing Daniel Maté Industrial Chris Eskdale

Alumina & aluminium

Marketing & Industrial Robin Scheiner
David Streule


Marketing Stuart Cutler Industrial Gary Nagle


Marketing Kenny Ives Industrial Marc Boissonneault

Iron Ore

Marketing & Industrial Jyothish George

Energy products


Marketing Tor Peterson Industrial Peter Freyberg


Marketing & Industrial Alex Beard



Marketing & Industrial Chris Mahoney