Our energy products activities for coal and oil include mining and oil production, and investments in strategic handling, storage and freight equipment and facilities. Our mining and production assets include both controlled and non-controlled operations.

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coal in society

Thermal (or “steam”) coal is mainly used in power generation, while coking (or metallurgical) coal goes into steel production. We are a leading producer and exporter of bituminous thermal coal and a significant producer of both premium hard and semi-soft coking coal.

Our main sources of thermal coal purchases are mining companies in strategically important producing regions. We supply thermal coal to customers from a wide range of industries and locations, including major utilities across three continents. We also sell to leading cement producers, steel mills, chemical plants and other industrial users throughout the world.

We have interests in more than 28 operating coal mines in Australia, South Africa and Colombia.


oil in society

We trade in crude oil, refined products and natural gas. We source crude oil and oil products from a range of suppliers, with additional interests in oil and gas production sharing contracts.

We also have a substantial shipping portfolio and access to a range of logistics, storage and investment capabilities.

Our exploration and drilling programme has resulted in several new oil discoveries which are awaiting appraisal and development. We have interests in three deep-water licences offshore from Equatorial Guinea as well as two operating fields in Chad.