South Africa

Find out how we create value for society and the economy in South Africa.

What do you do in South Africa?

We have a long history in South Africa: we began commodity marketing in the country in 1974, and mining in 1988.

Today, we have a strong presence in the coal and ferroalloys sectors, with operations spanning three provinces. 

What taxes and royalties do you pay?

We are a major contributor to South Africa. In 2018, we paid taxes, royalties and other payments to government of USD288.2 million, and we have about 27,000 employees and contractors across the country. 

What do you do to promote a culture of safety in the country?

Safety is our top priority. In South Africa as elsewhere, we continuously evaluate how we can make improvements as individuals, as a company and in our working capacities, so that our people will return home safely.

In 2016 we began work on improving supervisor skills in South Africa, as part of our SafeWork leadership programme. This initiative will help us tackle supervisor training across the Group.

What health initiatives do you support in South Africa?

To tackle HIV/AIDS, we offer free testing, counselling and treatment to our workforce, as well as education and awareness-raising programmes among our communities. 

We also recently supported a public–private partnership to bring a new clinic to Bethanie, in the North West province, with the potential to treat up to 3,500 patients from local communities.

In Mpumalanga, we work with the South African National Council for the Blind to provide free eye tests at schools, to identify easily treatable conditions.

How do you help people fulfill their potential through education and training?

Initiatives include:

  • Supporting communities with skills training. The Eastern Limb Training Centre helps develop skills in 18 villages in the Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces – supporting people such as Jane Mabiloane, training to become an artisan fitter.
  • Giving access to interactive maths and science lessons in rural schools in Mpumalanga – where there was a 40% improvement in learners’ marks in maths and science.
  • Providing bursaries to students in South Africa; we awarded 36 in 2017.
How are you promoting local enterprise?

Glencore's ferroalloys business developed a Mining Supplier Park near Steelpoort – to create sustainable job opportunities and provide skills and training.

The work has been contracted to a joint venture between a leading South African construction company (40%) and a local black-owned company (60%).

All profits from the project will go into a trust for the use of local communities.

How are you resettling communities responsibly?

At Glencore, we resettle communities only as a last resort. In 2017, we conducted two community resettlements in South Africa.

We work in accordance with International Finance Corporation (IFC) performance standards on resettlement.

How do you deal with concerns and grievances?

We use many ways to engage continuously with community members, in order to resolve complaints.

For example, our grievance mechanism includes a community toll-free line to enable communities to raise concerns. All community complaints are acknowledged and recorded, and we maintain records of the investigation provide feedback and address complaints.

We investigate and assess all concerns reported through these mechanisms, and report back to the complainant on the results of the review.

Our employees and stakeholders can report issues via our formal Raising Concerns programme.