Environmental Social and Governance (ESG)

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We want to keep our stakeholders around the world informed about our activities and be transparent about our approach and progress.

We actively engage with our investors and their representatives through regular communication, one-on-one meetings, presentations and webinars. Some of the topics we regularly cover include our strategic priority to integrate sustainability throughout our business, climate change, environmental performance and human rights. 


Climate change

We recognise global climate change science, as laid out by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Find out how we are responding to the shift to a lower-carbon economy.



Water is a shared and finite resource. We aim to preserve water sources, protect the waterways we use and support access to high-quality water.



We aim to become a safety leader in our industry, creating a workplace without fatalities, injuries or occupational diseases.


Catastrophic hazards

We are committed to protecting the safety and wellbeing of our people and the communities and environment around us



We are working to improve the health of our employees - by supporting their fitness as well as tackling public health issues such as malaria and HIV/AIDS.


Community and human rights

We are commited to upholding human rights wherever we work in the world.


Our people

We are committed to treating our people fairly, upholding their rights, and developing their careers.


Supply chain due diligence

Our suppliers are critical partners in our commitment to operate in a manner that is responsible, transparent and respects the human rights of all.


Product stewardship

Our products are essential to enabling modern life. We work to provide safe and quality-assured materials that meet regulatory requirements and industry standards, across the whole supply chain.


Land stewardship

We aim to manage land responsibly throughout the lifecycle of our assets - in order to reduce impact on habitats and communities.

Release of related reports

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Sustainability Report  14/05/2020  
Payments to Government report 30/06/2020  
Human Rights report 19/06/2020  
Water report 21/08/2020  


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