Building a sustainable business today, with a focus on tomorrow

2017 Annual and Sustainability Reports

As we look forward, the potential largescale roll out of electric vehicles and energy storage systems looks set to unlock material new sources of demand for enabling underlying commodities, including copper, cobalt, zinc and nickel.

Our performance in 2017 is our strongest on record. Glencore's balance sheet has never been stronger.

Ivan Glasenberg, CEO
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Financial KPIs

$14.8 bn

adjusted EBITDA

$11.6 bn

funds from operations

$10.7 bn

net debt

$5.8 bn

net income attributable to equity holders

Non-financial KPIs


total recordable injury frequency rate (2016: 4.05)


water withdrawn (2016: 971m³)

33 mt

CO₂ emissions (2016: 35 mt)


community development spend (2016: $84m)

While the business has performed well, we are constantly reminded of the importance of governance, compliance and sustainability issues.

Anthony Hayward, Chairman
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Strategic priorities

Integration of sustainability throughout our business

Maintain a robust and flexible balance sheet

Focus on cost control and operational efficiencies